American Association of University Women - AAUW
Whidbey Island

Baker's Dozen

The Baker’s Dozen meets at 11:30 on the first Friday of the month at members' homes for lunch and lots of conversation. The hostess chooses a theme for the month and each member contributes a dish. Sometimes there is broad interpretation of the theme.

Holidays are always candidates for themes. We just had a "Favorite Family Easter Foods" lunch. Others themes that have led to wonderful meals are: Recipes from our "Whidbey Cooks for all Seasons" cookbook, Julia/Julie in honor of the book and movie (that was fun!), foods that begin with O for the month of October, Picnic Foods, a Tea Party, Orange Foods.

Pat Lokanis, Group Leader

Baker's Dozen - 2016 Luncheons
Date Host Theme
Jan 8 Vonnie Secketa Chinese New Years


Members of the Baker's Dozen enjoy a french meal to commemorate Bastille Day.
Front row: Mary Ann Safford, Pat Lokanis, Linda McNamara, Mary Ellen Loy, Virginia Merrion
Back row: Vonnie Secketa, Rosemary Toft, Karen Hastings, Carole LaFond, Helen Bates, Jean Fitzgerald